Your Ultimate List Of Handcrafted Candles!

We are your reliable handmade candle company with passionate and skilled artisans who will do anything to light it up for you in a special way. Our inventory is a whole list of handcrafted candles made with you in mind. We have something for everyone’s taste in our collection of handmade scented candles and handmade soy candles.

Perfect Savory Handcrafted Candles!

Apple Strudel Candle

As the wick burns, so does this candle to give off notes of apple, cinnamon, and baked crust. You can picture the ambiance it introduces into your home for only $10. Harness your aromatherapy benefits from the first to the last light.

Christmas Tree Candle

It may be a long way to another set of Christmas carols, but your house could use the smell of freshly cut without having to go hands-on at the firewood place. The notes of pine needles, Douglas Fir, cedarwood, and earthy patchouli are priceless. Think of bonfire adventures right in your living room.

Cinnamon Donut Candle

Nothing feels more homely than the smell of sweet buttery dough. With maple syrup, notes of cinnamon, and sweet vanilla, what could be better? 

Cinnamon Stick Candle

Talk of the aroma of some fresh cinnamon in its raw form. It’s topped up with hints of nutmeg and ginger with vanilla and sugar base notes, damn!

Coffee Candle

The momentous coffee dates have finally made it to your home with its savor. Talk of good times that we will never trade for anything. This candle features natural coffee beans made of paraffin wax that doesn’t waste an inch!


Endless Weekend Candle

The popular bath and body fragrance in your candle! The exotic combination comprises mandarin, coconut water, orange, a floral heart of magnolia, iris, and rose with a dry cedarwood base, musk, and amber. It’s truly an embodiment of a relaxing weekend!

Frog Kisses Candle

The mixture of raw honey, rose petal, star arises & crushed leafy greens, parma violet, sweet grass, sugared vanilla, blond cedar, white heliotrope, powdery must, notes of jasmine, ambergris, musk, and lily is simply majestic!

Lavender & Vanilla Candle

Incorporating hints of musk with the soft and powdery herbal lavender and sweetened vanilla, the candle is something you want to experience yourself.

Lemongrass Candle

Love the smell of nature? How about a candle giving off lemongrass herbs? That’s what you get with this handmade candle; a small garden in your home!

Moonshine Juice Candle

Get your breathtaking vineyard with this original scent blending orange, passion, and guavas.

Mountain Lodge Candle

Do you ever relate a scent to a past event? Cause you will remember the time in the woods or your mountain hike with the candle thanks to the savor cedarwood.

Pumpkin Pie Spice Candle

Ready for some pie? Your home definitely is with the addition of this candle. Besides, it is good to go for any holiday specials. With pumpkin and hops notes and the perfect mix of clove, nutmeg, and cinnamon flowing from the sweet vanilla bed with warm Tonka bean, call it revolutionary!

Spooky Punch Candle

For a share of the exhilarating spooky scent, you may want to include this candle in your cart. It features orange and mulled fruit combined with oak and patchouli on a sugared berries base.

The Barn Candle

Whether you are a farmhouse fan or not, you will find comfort with this handmade scented candle for a feel of fresh floral, crisp ozone with woods, vanilla, coconut, and magret burning firewood.

White Chestnut Spice Candle

Wish for a delightful aroma of chestnuts roasting on an open fire? You may as well travel to a winter night, wait, cozy winter night at your country cabin yet to be built with this candle burning!

Our handcrafted candles let you dictate the air quality of your home, with all the kinds of notes you are looking forward to. Besides, they ensure no waste, are highly scented, and made with passion just for you!