Welcome and thank you for shopping with us today

we’re glad your here. Our hope is that you find what you are looking for and enjoy your shopping experience.

Welcome and thank you for shopping with us today

we’re glad your here. Our hope is that you find what you are looking for and enjoy your shopping experience.

The Handcrafted Shed & Katrena’s Kandles

The Handcrafted Shed & Katrena’s Kandles was started back in 1998 in a little country/antique store in Buckingham FL. From this little store it has grown into the business it is today. We sell candles, soap, farmhouse, primitives, one-of-a-kinds, country, and rustic items. Everything you will find here is handcrafted by owner Katrena and her Mom, Barbara. More info on the items we sell can be found on the pages that they are listed under. Welcome, and thank you for shopping with a small business! We appreciate you!

Our Categories

Rustic Home Décor

Our rustic décor is defined by ruggedness, and it gives your home a natural shine. A rustic decoration style emphasizes natural materials like stone, wood, and leaves to create a relaxing atmosphere in touch with nature’s beauty.

Primitive décor

Our Primitive home décor features handmade furniture made by a craftsman who’s had formal training in the art.

It is primarily utilitarian and old enough to be considered antique. When you combine these with a laid-back style, the result is simple, chic, and timeless.

Soap Base

Our soap bases are made with raw materials, and they come in a block. If you are looking for a glycerin soap base, you will find it as well, and the other options are water, lye, and oil.

However, the glycerin soap base is our most popular product, as it helps in effectively balancing the moisture levels of your skin.

Tart Warmer

Our Tart warmers are ancient pieces that will add style and design to your home. They also have aromatherapy benefits that you will appreciate. They can operate a tea light or electricity by melting a piece of scented wax. This is what we call tart as it releases an aroma into your home.

Poured Candles

Our poured candles are made by pouring melted wax inside a form, so the candle can take the shape of the form when it hardens.

Therefore, these are poured candles that can be bought in containers or made into a cast or mold candles. Our container candles are very easy to make, and they involve pouring the wax into the container of your choice.

However, you can also use a candle wax melter for this. The choice is yours.

Modern Farmhouse Décor

We use neutral color palettes, clean lines, natural materials, and layered textures to give you a timeless look that also bursts with character.

So, if you are looking for either farmhouse wall décor or farmhouse bathroom décor, or even farmhouse kitchen décor, we’ve got you covered.

Check out our shop to see our full range of products!

Candle Info

Our candles are made with paraffin wax, have a 100% all-cotton wick, and are a “No Waste” candle. This means that when the wick is gone  ALL the way is gone. Our candles have a 40-50 hours burn time with the same scent from first light to last light. 


I love the soaps! My favorite is Eternity! I buy it by the dozens! I keep a few extras on hand for gifts to my friends as a hostess present! It’s creamy and lathers up wonderfully!
Marilyn Guerra.

The tarts and room sprays are amazing and they last a long time.
I will definitely be buying more soon thank you Katrena.
Jessica Clark.

Absolutely LOVE her candles. Long lasting smell and have had no issues with my birds. (Which is very critical with normal candles). Repeat customer, and will be back again!!
Sarah Adamo.

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