Whether it’s in the look, the scent, or the air of romance and mystery they give, candles are usually attached to beautiful memories with your loved ones. Many things go into their creation, but when prepared right, with care and diligence, they induce a state of relaxation and peace that’s tough to beat with anything else.

On the other side, when a candle isn’t made with the care it needs, the scent tends to be unevenly distributed, and the candle might burn out faster and with more smoke.

Unfortunately, this is becoming more and more common when you buy candles online from stores where it’s mass-produced, and it is one of the primary reasons why most people prefer to purchase hand-poured candles over mass-produced ones.

Of course, this is only one of the reasons why people make homemade hand-poured candles over their counterparts.


Benefits Of Purchasing Hand-Poured Candles

There are several reasons why hand-poured candles are preferred over the more common mass-produced ones. The most significant reason is that even the more average hand-poured candles are more quality than their counterparts.

The best handmade candles, made delicately from natural ingredients, are the ones that provide immediate benefits, making the product a staple in most homes.

Some examples are:

  • Quality: this is the most significant benefit of purchasing hand-poured candles rather than the mass-produced ones you get when you buy candles online. Handmade candles tend to be individually tested for quality and value before being sold. However, ready-made candles are cost-effective, with little regard for their quality.
  • Non-toxic ingredients: Mass-produced candles tend to use paraffin wax in their products because of their ready availability and their ability to hold fragrances longer. However, the material also releases carcinogenic compounds which are toxic to their health when inhaled for too long. Homemade candles tend to use more natural ingredients which are tested for toxicity.
  • Customization: the best handmade candles are mostly uniquely customized for you, with the exact colors, scents, and fragrances that you want, making this a perfect addition to your home or a fantastic gift to a loved one.
  • Personality: There is always a spark of personality in hand-poured candles carried over by the candlemaker during their craft. Because of this, each candle carries a sense of individuality that is impossible to get when you buy candles online, especially in bulk.

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